About Me

Having worked in the mental health field for nearly 10 years, I have developed a depth of knowledge and a passion to help and support people with mental health difficulties. There is a lot of stigma about mental health problems; many people are ashamed, afraid and confused. The resulting effect is that people often feel guilty, angry and ultimately worsen and prolong the problem by staying silent.  I have worked with people from every walk of life and I have made it my mission to improve lives as much as I can and hope I can help you too.

I am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working in South East London. I have extensive NHS experience of understanding and helping individuals manage their emotional distress, challenging life events, and complex psychological issues.


Do you feel really uncomfortable talking to people on the phone or face to face?

Do you think you are boring and people think you are stupid?

Does it feel like you are in the spotlight when in social situations and just wish you could leave?


Do you tend to think that a cough is a sign of throat cancer? Do you think that pains are signs of something terminal?

Do you check your body for signs of cancer?

Are you afraid of dying and constantly preoccupied with death?


Do you always seek reassurance from friends and family before making a decision?

Do you worry about lots of different things?

Do you worry that you are not worrying?


Do you have times when your heart beats fast, you sweat, feel dizzy and hot or cold? When it happens, do you think that you will have a heart attack or faint?


Do you have a fear of any animals, places or things?

Do you become extremely anxious with needles and faint when you see blood?


Do you have strange thoughts that pop into your mind that make you feel so ashamed of yourself and you try your hardest to stop them?

Do you check doors and windows multiple times or wash your hands several times a day?

Are you uncomfortable leaving the house without carrying out lots of mental or physical rituals?


Are you struggling with a chronic medical condition that is really getting you down or scared?

Do you have an illness that has changed your life and left you struggling to live a quality life?


Have you noticed that you have no motivation to do even the simplest of tasks and have lost interests in what you usually enjoy?

Are you unusually low in energy , struggle with sleep, change in appetite and constantly feeling low in mood?


Do you have recurring memories of past traumatic events replaying in your mind with little or no control, that make you feel like the traumatic event is happening now?

Do you try block out the memory of past painful or traumatic events by drinking alcohol or taking drugs?

Do you have moments where you can vividly see a past traumatic event and sometimes feel as though you have been transported back to the event?


Do you habitually pick your skin or pull your hair to the point where you have bald patches or scabs?


Are you very sensitive to sounds and become extremely angry at sounds such as people sniffing and coughing?

Do you struggle to sleep?

Are you overwhelmed with life stresses that are becoming increasingly hard to manage?


If you answered yes to any of these and would like some support, then CBT would be a great form of therapy for you and I would be able to help.