Want to know what CBT is really about? It is much more than just laying on a couch and having a chin wag. Check out the video below which explains what CBT is in a nutshell


First you will have  a 90 minute initial telephone consultation. This is to do a full CBT assessment of your needs. We will discuss details of your current problem, including your background and development.   At the end of the consultation, I provide psychoeducation about your difficulty.

If you do not wish to have further sessions, this is absolutely fine. I am able to provide you with self-help materials or signpost you to the relevant service appropriate for your needs. If you are suitable for CBT and are happy to continue, we can arrange the start of your treatment.

CBT sessions are 50 minutes long (but can sometimes be 90 minutes) and can be face to face or via Skype. I offer as many sessions as is necessary for each person. Typically CBT sessions range from 12 – 20 weekly sessions.

Therapy room location :  450 Streatham High Road, SW16 3PX